TIS Story

Founded in 1995, TIS Group takes its name from the company’s longest-standing investment research product, “The Institutional Strategist.” Today, TIS Group is an independent global macro research service covering global stock markets, multi-asset allocations, hedge funds, monetary policy, geonomics, interest rates, market themes, and currency trends.* Read more here…

Recent Research

TIS Group is committed to providing timely, impactful information for our clients. One example of this type of information was our call on a change in asset allocation in March 2014. It signaled a potential major turn, in an important class, at a key moment. Click here to view the Market Intelligence Report (MIR) where we made the initial call.

Ask a Strategist

At TIS Group, we believe in providing non-consensus, ‘out of the box’ insights that our clients find difficult to acquire elsewhere. Would you like to ask one of our strategists a question?

Send us an email at askastrategist@tisgroup.net and we will respond to you within 24 business hours.

*For information regarding TIS Group's asset management activities, contact Larry Jeddeloh at sales@tisgroup.net