Founded in 1995 by Larry Jeddeloh, TIS Group identifies global macro risks and opportunities and market themes, and presents this information in a timely manner to a variety of institutions around the world.

Why TIS Group?

At TIS Group, we understand that our clients want a close link to a trusted, knowledgeable advisor who can provide early identification of global macro risks and opportunities. TIS Group has a team of experienced, seasoned investment professionals who have extensive global contacts in key parts of the world and who keep abreast of global stock markets, multi-asset allocations, hedge funds, monetary policy, geonomics, interest rates, market themes, and currency trends. Our success is built upon our experience, depth of research, market contacts, and record of calling major market turns.


TIS Group utilizes a broad range of conventional quantitative and qualitative indicators, as well as out-of-the-ordinary signals, such as key relationships in parts of the world where information is less accessible, to analyze and interpret world economies and markets.

Our Products and Services

TIS Group covers developed and some emerging market stocks, bonds, fx, long & short, market themes, and specializes in some industries, including biotech and healthcare. We interact with our clients via face-to-face meetings, conference calls, conferences, and world-class publications.

The Market Intelligence Report (MIR) is a daily publication. Comprised of text and graphs and sent via email, the MIR covers fundamental and technical analyses of stocks, sectors, markets, indices, geo-political topics, currency trends, commodities, interest rate trends, and economic developments.

The Institutional Strategist: US Markets and The Institutional Strategist: Global Markets are published monthly and delve deeper into the subjects covered by the MIR. They also address asset allocation, thematic work, country-by-country ratings and analysis, and in-depth coverage of the U.S., European, and Japanese equity, currency, and bond markets.

Frontline China provides an in-depth analysis of China’s macro-economic / political situation.

Our clients include CIOs, strategists, equity and fixed income managers, commodity managers, and key executives at global macro funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, endowments / foundations, and corporations in North America, Asia, and Europe.


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