LarryJeddelohLarry Jeddeloh

Larry Jeddeloh is the Editor of The Institutional Strategist, and Founder of TIS Group in Minneapolis. He is an experienced investment management professional with over 36 years in the business. Mr. Jeddeloh founded TIS Group in 1995. Previously, Mr. Jeddeloh held the position of Chief Investment Officer of Resource Capital Advisers, with responsibilities for $1 billion in assets. Prior to joining Resource, he was with the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zürich, where he was a Vize-Director and the Chief Investment Strategist in the Institutional Global Asset Management Group. In the 1980s, he was Director of Equity Research at the Leuthold Group, a well-known institutional research firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for seven years. He was also a partner of Leuthold and Anderson Investment Management Counseling and Weeden & Company, an institutional brokerage firm. Mr. Jeddeloh earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration degree from University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has taught courses in investments and corporate finance at the University of Minnesota, the University of Northwestern (MN, formerly Northwestern College), and Augsburg College. Mr. Jeddeloh is a member of Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. His work has been noted and used in various publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes, Money Magazine, Your Money, U.S. News & World Report, Barron’s, and Global Finance.

Dr. Robert A. Lepley

Robert Lepley joined TIS Group during the fall of 2000 as a Research Strategist. Mr. Lepley was previously employed as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry and as a university faculty member. Mr. Lepley has published his scientific work in peer-reviewed, high-impact scientific journals such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry and the Journal of Clinical Investigation, as well as in book chapters. With more than 20 years of professional experience in biomedical research, Mr. Lepley is thoroughly familiar with the biomedical research and development landscape for drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics encompassing preclinical research, the FDA clinical trial process, and intellectual property considerations. At TIS Group, Mr. Lepley’s principal areas of research are biopharmaceutics and healthcare, energy (hydrocarbon and alternative), country-specific macro analyses (natural resources group and Asia), and geostrategic analyses (emerging market focus). Mr. Lepley regularly contributes thematic topics and in-depth articles to The Institutional Strategist: US Markets (the “Red Book”), The Institutional Strategist: Global Markets (the “Blue Book”), and the daily Market Intelligence Report (the “MIR”). Mr. Lepley’s professional experience includes Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, and the University of Minnesota. He holds a B.S. and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.

Andrew Roalstad

Andrew Roalstad is a senior Analyst at TIS Group. An investment management professional since 1994, Mr. Roalstad has appreciable knowledge of a wide range of investment vehicles, including domestic and international equities and bonds (both long and short), currencies, ETFs, options, futures contracts, and emerging market securities. Mr. Roalstad publishes monthly “Investment Theme” research, backed by solid quantitative and fundamental analysis. Mr. Roalstad holds a B.A. in Economics from St. Olaf College, and an MBA in Finance from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. His work has been noted and used in various publications such as Barron’s, Bloomberg News,, Morning Call on Bloomberg TV, and German finance magazine, Finanzen €uro.

Simon C. Hunt

Simon C. Hunt is an economist, long-time consultant to the copper industry,  and co-author of the Frontline China political, economic, and financial service. Mr. Hunt began his career working in Africa with the Rhodesian Selection Trust and then Anglo American. He was instrumental in creating CIDEC, a copper industry association. He founded Brook Hunt in 1975 focusing on Global Economics with special expertise in the copper markets and the copper industry. Among Mr. Hunt’s longtime clients is Xiangguang Copper Company, an engagement on which he has spent 2-3 months per year in China for the last 20 years. During this time, he has developed an unparalleled knowledge of and familiarity with the interworkings of Chinese government, industry, and society.

Ian J. Stones

Ian Stones is an expert on China and co-author of the Frontline China political, economic, and financial service. Mr. Stones has lived in China continuously since 1978 and has pioneered through the multitude of uncertainties, dilemmas, and challenges that firms have faced over three decades of change and reform. Mr. Stones combines senior experience as an executive with British Petroleum, Citicorp, Pfizer, and General Motors with long-term cooperative engagement with the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), The State Council State Assets Supervisory & Administration Commission (SASAC), and several universities and think-tanks, which have enabled him to touch and see the “Dragon’s”  many faces at different times and from many perspectives. Mr. Stones has degrees in Biochemistry and Chinese language, and has established medical, economic, and market research organizations. He is the international advisor to the Beijing based “Global Eminent Speakers Forum” which organizes intellectual dialogue with thought leaders, and he has a particular interest in geographic development and the role of national and institutional cultures in cross-border interaction.