TIS Group provides in-depth research pertaining to developed and some emerging markets. Our work includes stocks, bonds, fx, longs & shorts, and market themes, and specialization in some industries, including biotech and healthcare. In addition to a suite of research publications (see below), our services include regular face-to-face meetings which provide an invaluable mutual dialogue, conference calls, and conferences.

Subscription to the following research services are available individually, or in combination via membership tiers.


Market Intelligence Report

The Market Intelligence Report (MIR) is a daily publication. Comprised of text and graphs and sent via email, the MIR covers fundamental and technical analyses of stocks, sectors, markets, indices, geo-political topics, currency trends, commodities, interest rate trends, and economic developments.

The Institutional Strategist: US Markets edition

The Institutional Strategist: US Markets (the “Red Book”) is published monthly and delves deeper into the subjects covered by the MIR. It also address asset allocation, thematic work, and in-depth coverage of the U.S. equity, currency, and bond markets.

The Institutional Strategist: Global Markets edition

Like its sister publication, The Institutional Strategist: Global Markets (the “Blue Book”) is published monthly and provides in-depth analysis of global macro components, as well as country-by-country ratings and analysis, and in-depth coverage of the European, Japanese, and other global equity, currency, and bond markets.

Frontline China

Frontline China provides an in-depth analysis of China’s macro-economic / political situation. Informed by key, long-term industry and political relationships in China, it provides insights that are difficult to find elsewhere.


For more information on any of these services, or to become a subscribing client, please contact sales@tisgroup.net.